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"Awesome service - Brian is great! Food is always high quality & very tasty. Thanks!"
~ (Clackamas location)
"Fast service, nice atmosphere in an almost full pub setting. The lighting, setting & bar atmosphere is great - even if we aren't German! We love meeting with friends in the pub, enjoying the sausage plate, and exotic beers! Gustav's does an excellent job of reproducing the close-to-authentic German pub-type environment, ambiance & overall setting is superb!"
~Thor (Portland location)
"It was all good, a little German experience right here in Portland!"
~Randy (Portland location)
"Our favorite local restaurant - love the food & the great service!"
~ Dorothy (Washington Square location)
"I had the worst vacation in Las Vegas. I came back and said that I wanted Gustav's for great food. Unexpectedly the waiter, Eric, made my week the best ever. He made jokes and reminded me that it's my birthday.Thanks for the best service ever."
~ Emily (Clackamas location)
"We flew in from Layton, Utah just to eat this food and then head to Seattle. We love it!"
~ Jim (Portland location)
"The staff were friendly and attentive! The meal selection was good - my pork cordon bleu was outstanding! Traveling here on business, I chose this restaurant because it was not merely another large chain. A great meal & experience!"
~ Dale (Tigard location)
"Sarah was the cheese in our fondue, the habanero in our croquetts, the brat in our wurst. A fine dining experience!!!!" (Vancouver location)
"Nice menu, delicious food and fantastic service. Keep up the excellent customer service!"
~ Kelly (Tigard location)
"The Easter Brunch was truly fantastic - well beyond our expectations!"
~ Kirsten
"I brought my friend in for the first time today. He said (after only appetizers), 'I think I died and went to heaven... and God's real name is Gustav!'. Everything was spectacular - we couldn't be happier! Jarvis was a wonderful waiter - so kind and fast with our food. Thank you!"
~ Jordan  (Vancouver location)
“Your staff deserve highest praise and recognition for their professional, expert kind, courteous, patient and personable customer service!
They made my Gustav's Happy Hour experience this past Monday sehr gut and wunderbar!
Your cuisine is AAAA+
I'm so grateful and appreciative to them (and all the other people who) make dining at Gustav's a memorable occasion. You individualized customer service is outstanding! Kudos!” ~ Ms. Spence
“Perfect service! Battle field tested for tough families, Jonathan is the man! High regard – Good Times!”

“Delicious, enjoyable and very delightful service. We enjoyed our meal, time as a family and our server was wonderful with our kids.”